St Patrick’s Day


It seams like the whole world likes to celebrate St Patrick’s Day
Lots of Guinness consumed all around the world by many different
races and in remote corners of our planet

Well where ever you found yourself on St Patrick’s night
I do hope you had a good one and a lot of Fun (Crack)

Below you can see some of the images I had taken for a promo
Guinness used to be called porters and stouts
You would think looking at it that Guinness is black

 Guinness is actually a deep dark red

A Photographers take on the pint with many different names like

“The blonde with the black skirt”
“The Priest”
“Black Stuff”

Do you know any other names you may have heard growing up????

OJ4A8807F OJ4A8814F OJ4A8828F

The Blond with the black Skirt
The Blonde with the black skirt

OJ4A8846F OJ4A8875F OJ4A8885F


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