Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions

On Friday I was doing a photo shoot at the studio for a lady called Chizo,
she has started her own business selling hair extensions.
It was quite interesting listening to her talking about where she would
like her business to go. I of course will assist her to achieve this with
some wonderful images, to show her product off in the best way possible.

Check out some of the images below. You can also visit her website on

black brown gray multi-colour p_p_5086sample-2_eamal red-curl red


Boat Relaunch

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Boat Relaunch

Yesterday I was at Penton Hook Marina Surrey, to photograph the relaunch of a boat that had been restored to it’s former glory. and took some pictures on my phone whilst waiting for the official launch. It is a very nice part of the country.

It was such a beautiful day for the relaunch and also so interesting to see how it was all done
I also managed to capture some video of the relaunch.

20160816_141922 20160816_141938 20160816_142006 20160816_142049 20160816_142057 20160816_142118 20160816_142152 20160816_142206 20160816_142220 20160816_142243 20160816_142252 20160816_142331 20160816_142338 20160816_142352 20160816_142416 20160816_142443 20160816_142505 20160816_143215 20160816_143234 20160816_143539



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It is such a shame when mankind can not learn from all it’s
mistakes and it’s troubled past. We are not just destroying each other
but also the planet we are so fortunate enough to call home.

Mankind STOP take a good look at yourself every human has it’s own cross to bare
you should never judge another human till you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Stop the KILLING and spread more of this. Click on the link below



Granddaughters Christening

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Granddaughters Christening

What a wonderful day we had on Sunday for my beautiful granddaughter’s christening
it was a most fantastic time and every one who attended had a fabulous day.

The marquee was a great success and well worth buying. We had so many people in attendance
we filled one side of the church by ourselves. Sienna was certainly a super star.

Site 1 Site 2


Wilton Super Cars

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Wilton Super Cars

This weekend just gone my son and myself accompanied a good friend and his son
to the Wilton car show near Salisbury in Wiltshire. It has been the country seat
of the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years, the grounds are spectacular and worth a visit.

Classics and supercars wow crowds at Wilton

This year’s Wilton Classic & Supercar show has been hailed as a huge success after 15,000 visitors flocked to see more than 500 of the world’s most impressive, exciting and expensive cars.

Bugattis, McLarens and Aston Martins lined up together with historic F1 cars in the grounds of Wilton House with warm, sunny weather providing the perfect backdrop for the weekend.

The crowds also enjoyed motorcycle stunt displays, steam engines, new car launches and live music at the two day show in Wiltshire.

The 10th anniversary of the Bugatti Veyron was celebrated in style with the most impressive Bugatti collection ever assembled and the first appearance together of the McLaren of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost’s Ferrari since they famously crashed in the Japanese Grand Prix 25 years ago.

Highlights also included the Castrol Power Paddock, Wilton College providing interactive displays and the Bolddog FMX team.

Lord Pembroke, who hosts the event, said he was thrilled to welcome so many cars and spectators to the event which has expanded from one to two days this year.

P_PL2034 P_PL2035Crop P_PL2036 P_PL2037 P_PL2039 P_PL2040 P_PL2041 P_PL2043Crop P_PL2044 P_PL2046 P_PL2048 P_PL2049Crop P_PL2050 P_PL2056Crop P_PL2058Crop P_PL2059 P_PL2060Crop P_PL2061CROP P_PL2078 P_PL2081 P_PL2148 P_PL2155 P_PL2158 P_PL2165 P_PL2167 P_PL2182 P_PL2190 P_PL2199 P_PL2205 P_PL2205Crop P_PL2212 P_PL2218 P_PL2241 P_PL2242 P_PL2245 P_PL2246Crop P_PL2272 P_PL2273 P_PL2279 P_PL2290 P_PL2298 P_PL2298Crop P_PL2302 P_PL2304 P_PL2304Crop P_PL2305 P_PL2306 P_PL2307 P_PL2308 P_PL2312Crop P_PL2315Crop P_PL2316 P_PL2320 P_PL2321 P_PL2327 P_PL2330 P_PL2330Crop P_PL2332 P_PL2332Crop P_PL2333 P_PL2334 P_PL2364 P_PL2469 P_PL2498 P_PL2498BW P_PL2506BW P_PL2506BW_C P_PL2514 P_PL2538 P_PL2538BW_C P_PL2549P_PL2364 P_PL2392 P_PL2432 P_PL2444 P_PL2448 P_PL2460 P_PL2468 P_PL2469 P_PL2469_1 P_PL2474 P_PL2475 P_PL2479



Doodle Do

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I have just finished photographing the new clothing range
from Doodle Do suppliers of clothing for kids based in

The clothes are designed by the help of kids for kids – who imagine crabs can fly,
whisper their secrets to dogs and believe everything is possible.
Doodle do looks through the windows of children, observing their interpretations
and their relentless imaginations whilst encouraging a return to non-gender clothing in organic fabrics.

We care about our planet.
Doodle do appreciates and loves nature and our surroundings.
We want to encourage our creative little doodlers and their parents to be aware and protect our nature as much as we can.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an international certification for organic garments.
GOTS ensure that the organic certifier evaluates all phases of production which would mean every aspect of this product
from farming and harvesting of cotton to manufacturing and branding.

Pinner Photography and Doodle Do have done many projects in the studio over the last
few years and I enjoy looking at the new and different styles
they bring to my photographic studio on the borders of Pinner and Harrow


Portugal 2015

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Portugal 2015

Had a fantastic week away in the Algarve, Portugal.
The people are so friendly and the scenery is beautiful.
There are so many places to explore 1 week is not enough.

I will definitely go back soon for another visit. The food was super
The fish so fresh and the steak so juicy, like the oranges.

Check out some of the shots from my trip.

Albufeira  Panorama1 Albufeira  Panorama2 Albufeira Algarve 1 Algarve 2 Algarve 3 Algarve 4 Algarve 5 Algarve 6 Algarve 7 Castle 1 Castle 2 fossils in rocks Franin 1 Franin 2 IMG_8794 Marlin Monroe Panorama1 Portugal 1 Portugal 2 Portugal 3 Portugal 4 Rock waves Sand 1 Sand 2 Sand 3 Sand Panorama1 Ship 1 Ship 2 Ship 3 Streets 1 Streets 2 Streets 3 Streets 4 The Cave 1 The Cave 2 The Cave 3 The Cave 4 The Cave 5 The Cave 6 The Cave 7 The Cave 8 The Cave 9 The Cave 10 The Coast The Rock Face Tree of life Untitled_Panorama9 Untitled_Panorama10 With friends


St Patrick’s Day

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St Patrick’s Day

A very happy St Patrick’s Day to one and all where ever you find
yourself on this bright day may you have a great time

I was going to give myself the day off then along came this very important
and cant wait job. O well a man must do what a man must do.

A wise old Irish man once said
May today be all you wish for
and tomorrow be a surprise.

OJ4A8807F  Forweb


Can you see the crock???

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Can you see the crock in the mud???

Crock pit

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