My name is John Styles I have been a photographer for the past twenty two years,
after all these years I still get a buzz taking pictures, ” to me all the pictures I take are special,”

It is a lot easier now with digital images. You don’t have to wait to see the results as we did in the past.
This enables Photographers to be more precise in their work, and produce precisely the image they envisage.

I also love to embrace new techniques and technology. Who can know where it will take us in the next ten to twenty years.

I believe pictures are our history of life for future generations.

There is a true saying ( Quote )     A picture tells a thousand words


We at Pinner Photography are passionate about our work and proud of our name. Our work is all about capturing all of the precious moments from the day, giving you lasting images to reflect on in the years to come. We also take pride in taking perfect and gorgeous images on every occasion.

Pinner Photography’s unique style – contemporary whilst retaining the best traditions of portrait photography is well known throughout the South East of England and beyond.

Family portrait photographs are a wonderful record of stages in our lives that our children and their children can look back on. Pinner Photography portrait pictures are taken with a great deal of care to produce those interesting and fun pictures that would look great on the wall at home. We can provide them in albums of all sizes so that you can return each year and have new portraits of the children taken and create a pictorial record of your children as they grow and develop.

Pinner Photography can take portraits either in our studio or at another suitable location, possibly your home or out doors.

It is important that we keep a pictorial record of events in our lives to remind us of those times past. So we can look back on pictures of our grandparents, parents, and events in the past that someone has had taken and kept for us.

Memories For Life

On such a special day or occasion you deserve the best and we know how much this matters .

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