Thank you to all the Photographers past and present. Where would we be without them?
Who do we owe a big thank you to for all the memories from our history past and yet to come

The Man or Woman with the camera

They after all had the insight and vision to capture moments from our past
so we could all remember our special memories, of our journey through life

I think we are starting to forget about keeping our memories for our children and grandchildren to see
Everything we capture on our modern devices seem to be stored on a hard drive
and forgotten or lost, instead of been printed and viewed. So many homes these days
have no pictures of family displayed on the walls. Instead the are stuck on a hard drive, a phone, or tablet

The Question

Mum or dad what did your parents look like?

The Answer

O yes we had some pictures on our PC and phones
they went to the landfill 20 years ago.


Did you guys never think to have a FAMILY PORTRAIT done to hang on the wall


No love we did not so SORRY we did not think of the future or your past



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