Fantastic Night (FireWalk)

Fantastic Night (FireWalk)

Wow what a fantastic night I just had Photographing the

Rabbi Burns Firewalk

I met some fabulous people at this wonderful CHARITY event
Two of the most humble people I have met in such a long time
were Ethne Woldman and Colin Black for The Targu Mures Trust
This world could do with a lot more loving and warm people just
like them. It was a real privilege to meet them and all the others
who were also there to support their family and friends as they took
to the red hot ashes. Hats off to them all
Well Done

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  1. Ethne
    January 31, 2014 at 11:27 pm — Reply

    A huge thank you for your support for our charity firewalk. Given we contacted you less than 24 hours before the event you pulled out all the stops to ensure you gave as a truely professional job AND at a heavily discounted rate since we were a charity. Your generosity was so much appreciated as was your kind and considerate treatment of all the walkers and sponsors.
    It has been lovely to work with you and your family. We enjoyed your company and hope that the trust and friendship we formed over à few days will last for years to come.
    You are a star! Thank you so much once more. The memories you created in the photographs of this extraordinary event will go down in history both here and in Romania.
    Thanks and best wishes.
    Targu Mures Trust

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