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Resize Your Images

Hay guys I was looking for a piece of software to resize some images at a customers house
as my laptop decided to freeze up on me and I did not have the time to try figure out the problem
and I needed to resize the images on their PC so I found these two and chose to try this one

I must say for a freebie it was great did everything I wanted. Considering the price difference
against the software I normally use FREE verses £350.00 I would highly recommend this one

You can get it FREE at this link

The other one I found if you wanted to check it out and maybe post what you think of it
or maybe you could test both and then post which one you prefer.

Have fun guys and remember “Keep your clicks safe”


Pinner Photography Slide Show

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A short slide show from Pinner Photography, hope you enjoy



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The Guardian
Red Arrows crash: tributes paid to pilot

PIC_MG_1448_1 _MG_1451_1 _MG_1456F_1 _MG_1457F_1 _MG_1471F_1 _MG_1474F_1 _MG_1490F_1 _MG_1500F_1 _MG_1554F_1 _MG_1558F_1 _MG_1599F_1 _MG_1601F_1 _MG_1604F_1  Red Arrowa 1 Red Arrowa 2
Sunday 21 August 2011 12.41 BST
I took these pictures 5 days before his accident RIP Joe Eggins

Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging was a team player and gifted aviator, colleagues said. Photograph: MoD/PA
A witness has spoken of the moment rescuers searching for a crashed Red Arrows jet found the pilot’s body in a river.

Flight Lieutenant Jon Egging’s Hawk T1 aircraft came down near Bournemouth airport in Dorset on Saturday, after a display over the town’s seafront. The pilot was discovered with his parachute open, but he apparently was not in his ejection seat.
John Dugdale said he had not heard the crash but was soon at the scene when a rescue helicopter starting hovering above. “Somebody ran past me saying: ‘One of the reds has gone down.’ I ran over and there was a small group of people and you could see part of the wreckage of the aircraft on the riverbank,” he said.
“At least one of the group had entered the water and was looking in the river for the pilot. One then shouted out he could see a parachute and then he shouted out he had got him [the pilot] and someone said: ‘Is he dead?’ and the man in the water replied: ‘Yes.’
“There were a lot of bushes on the bank and he was found just away from me in a bend of the river. I did not see him.”
Dugdale said he thought the ejection seat was found away from the body. “Soon there were emergency services everywhere and the helicopter landed and we began to be cleared away. I went straight back home because it was extremely upsetting.”
Tributes have been paid to Egging, who is said to have guided the plane away from houses and people before it crashed into a field and came to a standstill with its nose in the river Stour near the village of Throop.
His wife, Emma, said she had been “the proudest I’ve ever been” after watching the display over Bournemouth before the crash.
“Jon was everything to those that knew him, and he was the best friend and husband I could ever have wished for,” she said. “There was nothing bad about Jon. He loved his job and was an exemplary pilot. Watching him today, I was the proudest I’ve ever been. I loved everything about him, and he will be missed.”
Colleagues described the 33-year-old pilot as a “true team player” and “gifted aviator”. Group Captain Simon Blake, commandant of the RAF’s central flying school, said: “Throughout his winter training and the display season to date, his professionalism, skill and humility have shone through. In such a close-knit team, this tragedy will be keenly felt by his fellow team members, the Reds, and all of the engineering and support staff, the Blues.”
He told the BBC the MoD had grounded the Hawk team Mk 1 “temporarily until its safety can be assured”. “As for the rest of the season, it is too early to speculate as to when the Red Arrows will be back on the public circuit, but suffice to say in the short term they will not be able to perform in public.”
An MoD spokesman said: “A full service inquiry into the details of the crash has been initiated. It would be inappropriate to speculate on the causes of the incident at this time.”
One witness said the plane skidded for several hundred metres along the riverbank after it crashed. Mark Grogan said: “I heard a sound like a car backfiring. Within five minutes the helicopters arrived, there were at least five helicopters including the police and two from the coastguard.”
Nicholas Gore, 22, who was walking close to the river when he saw all nine Red Arrows overhead, said: “There were quite a few people watching and we saw them go over but one seemed quite low. They then disappeared behind trees and I heard a crack – not an explosion, just a crack – and we got further down and I saw the plane with its red tail in the air and its nose in the river.”
Wayne Kent, 30, the assistant manager at the nearby Broadway Pub, said some of his customers had seen the incident, and that the pilot guided the plane away from houses in the village and from people walking near the riverbank.



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I had a very interesting photo shoot with Shmoyel and Tom,
founders and MD’s of a new company called
“Milk and Cookies Gallery” in London.
Together we worked through some very creative ideas.

I found these two young men to be very professional and easy to work with.
They brought a van load of props with them and together we set some beautiful scenes
capturing a variety of fantastic images.

You will be able to check out some of the images on their new website,
which should be up and running in a few weeks.

Below you can have a sneak preview of some of the images

milk and ookies reflect webMilk and Cow webMilk and Cookies frame webMilk and Cookies 2 frame webliams idea webP_PL6822 WEB




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Pinner Portrait Photography had the privilege to have a great photo shoot with this adorable
eight month old jet black poodle puppy.

This is part of the reason I love taking Portraits at my studio in Pinner as I never know
who or what my next client may be, just before this little cute thing came into the Studio
I had been doing some family Portraits for a wonderful young family with a seven week old baby
and a very special moment happened.
This wonderful new life smiled at me as I held him

Take a look at some of the many wonderful images captured
by the

Harrow and Pinner Photographer

Pinner Portrait Photography shows some lovely Portraits of this beautiful poodle puppy
Pinner Portrait Photography shows some lovely Portraits of this beautiful poodle puppy

Puppy in a basket Puppy lay down puppy looking high Puppy on a stool Puppy wait Wait fo it


Cake Trash

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Birthday Cake Trash
Cake trashing

Baby Trashing The Cake

This an idea that started in the USA and Canada

take your baby to a photography studio for their first birthday
Add a cake to the mix and get some wonderful photos of the baby
Having a great time trashing the cake to pieces.

As the Photographer it is your job to get all the wonderful photos of
The baby having so much fun and making a mess of the studio
But be warned the baby will get pretty messed up in the photo session
So change of clothes and some towels are a great idea.
I must admit the results never fail to make me laugh and realise
Just how much fun you can have at the Pinner Photographic Studio.

If you would like to book your baby’s special first birthday
With their own trash the cake, with lots of fun




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Waiting for the birth

Today I had the pleasure to meet and photograph this wonderful young couple
at the Pinner Photography Studio
as they wait the arrival of their first child. I was so surprised to find out
the baby is due tomorrow! This is defiantly the closest to the birth of a
new life I have had the privilege to photograph.

Once the baby is born, as the photographer I can’t wait, I am so excited for them both.

This is a beautiful time in your life that you will never forget. The birth of your child is something that changes you indefinitely.

Been there myself a few years ago, I was just as excited then when I had my own children.

Their lives will never be the same again a new very precious life to nurture
I will see them again when baby is 7 days old for another Photo shoot

I only have to wait ONE day to find out (BOY or GIRL)
I said a BOY

Pregant mom at the studio of Pinner Photography
Post it
Baby shoes at the Pinner Photography Studio
Tiny feet
Happy couple at the Studio of Pinner Photography
True Love

OJ4A4787 OJ4A4787C-B_W OJ4A4788 OJ4A4835 OJ4A4846 OJ4A4916 OJ4A4962



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Had a very interesting meet with the owner and founder of Doodledo
a local small business in Northwood selling some very funky clothing for kids
Celsa and her staff have the right idea, The work place can and should be a HAPPY place
Look forward to working with them again in the near future

Feel free to check out her website for some cool cloths for the kids


OJ4A3635 OJ4A3646 OJ4A3647 OJ4A3655 OJ4A3667 OJ4A3669




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Whilst going through older photos stored on my server hard drive
trying to delete lodes I came across this set I had taken at a event.
I had photographed a while ago, and for some reason I could not
bring myself to delete them.

Maybe it’s the eyes, maybe it’s the dress or maybe the lips
Whatever it is my finger just seemed to hover over the DELETE and
would not slam down.

SO I guess this means I am holding on to them?????????????

What do you think???

Black & White Lady in blue That Look The eyes Very Elegant


Great Photo Shoot

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A fellow photographer came to visit my studio, although we had known
each other for the last 17 years this is the first time we had a photo shoot
together, and I must say we had a wonderful time and bounced some great ideas
between each other, and made some beautiful photos.

I must also say a big thank you to the models they were super and nothing
was to much for them, The transitions were seamless. A big thank you to

Ryan, Siobhan and Hayden
and of course Steve Brown of Blue Feather Photography of St Albans

 enjoy looking at the sample of photos from the Shoot
Please Let me know your thoughts!!!

OJ4A2651 OJ4A2657 OJ4A2657B-W OJ4A2701Crop OJ4A2719 OJ4A2719B-W OJ4A2781B-W OJ4A2785 OJ4A2828F OJ4A2835 OJ4A2837 OJ4A2837B-W OJ4A2844 OJ4A2855F OJ4A2867 OJ4A2867BW OJ4A2875 OJ4A2875B-W OJ4A2879 OJ4A2883 OJ4A2910 OJ4A2913 OJ4A2917 OJ4A2919 OJ4A2923 OJ4A2939 OJ4A2945 OJ4A2951 OJ4A2953 OJ4A2962 OJ4A2981 OJ4A2984 OJ4A3012 OJ4A3020 OJ4A3026 OJ4A3026B-W OJ4A3038 OJ4A3045 OJ4A3049

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