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09 Jun

Wilton Super Cars

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Wilton Super Cars

This weekend just gone my son and myself accompanied a good friend and his son
to the Wilton car show near Salisbury in Wiltshire. It has been the country seat
of the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years, the grounds are spectacular and worth a visit.

Classics and supercars wow crowds at Wilton

This year’s Wilton Classic & Supercar show has been hailed as a huge success after 15,000 visitors flocked to see more than 500 of the world’s most impressive, exciting and expensive cars.

Bugattis, McLarens and Aston Martins lined up together with historic F1 cars in the grounds of Wilton House with warm, sunny weather providing the perfect backdrop for the weekend.

The crowds also enjoyed motorcycle stunt displays, steam engines, new car launches and live music at the two day show in Wiltshire.

The 10th anniversary of the Bugatti Veyron was celebrated in style with the most impressive Bugatti collection ever assembled and the first appearance together of the McLaren of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost’s Ferrari since they famously crashed in the Japanese Grand Prix 25 years ago.

Highlights also included the Castrol Power Paddock, Wilton College providing interactive displays and the Bolddog FMX team.

Lord Pembroke, who hosts the event, said he was thrilled to welcome so many cars and spectators to the event which has expanded from one to two days this year.

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20 May

20% Discount

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20% Discount

As a way of saying thank you for the valued job you do
and some times don’t get the full renegotiation you so much deserve.

Pinner Photography offers a 20% discount to all the services


27 Feb

Can you see the crock???

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Can you see the crock in the mud???

Crock pit

10 Nov

Cake Trash

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Birthday Cake Trash

Cake trashing

Baby Trashing The Cake

This an idea that started in the USA and Canada

take your baby to a photography studio for their first birthday
Add a cake to the mix and get some wonderful photos of the baby
Having a great time trashing the cake to pieces.

As the Photographer it is your job to get all the wonderful photos of
The baby having so much fun and making a mess of the studio
But be warned the baby will get pretty messed up in the photo session
So change of clothes and some towels are a great idea.
I must admit the results never fail to make me laugh and realise
Just how much fun you can have at the Pinner Photographic Studio.

If you would like to book your baby’s special first birthday
With their own trash the cake, with lots of fun


15 Aug

My Daughter saves neighbour’s from FIRE

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This morning about 6.45 my daughter got the neighbours from their burning house
and brought them to safety to our house. She also had to awaken the old lady
next door to the house on fire,
she had problems alerting the old lady who is in her ninety’s and lives alone.
After repeatedly banging on her door and getting no response
she was prepared to force the door.
The lady appeared at the window.
It was then that the neighbour next to the old lady
said she had a key safe and she had the number,
so together they got the old lady to safety.


After my daughter had called 999 five fire engines turned up to fight the fire IMG_0887 IMG_0888 IMG_0889 IMG_0890 IMG_0895 IMG_0896 IMG_0898 IMG_0903 IMG_0908
the road had to be blocked off at both ends.

Now the hardest bit to believe is I and the neighbour who took these pictures
slept through the hole incident, and only woke after all the hard work had been done.

I am so proud of my daughter

“What a girl”

20 Jul

Photography Tips

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Photography Tips

Question: What do you do once you have captured that masterpiece of a photo
Do not hide it away from view, it was certainly not meant to be hidden away.

Answer: No you want it to be seen by many and not just a few chosen ones.

Question: If you store it on your hard-drive, phone, or tablet will it be seen.

Answer: Maybe by a few people you show it to before you forget all about it.

If you love what you do and it makes you Proud

Show it off

Share it with others

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12 Jan


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To all of you who took part in the vote to help
pick a brand new logo for the Pinner Photography
website. Hope you will all enjoy the new look for 2014

The LOGO chosen by 98% of voters was A


The WINNER of the prize was Dedrick well done to him

19 Nov

Shepherds Autopsy

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Today and yesterday I spent at the Royal Veterinary Clinic and I accidentally caught sight of a German Shepherds Autopsy
I don’t mind admitting I wish I had not seen it, after having two Shepherds of my own and at present a beautiful Boxer.

It was explained that these procedures are necessary to help with the treatment of other animals. YES but it is still hard
to take in, the sight of one of these dogs with no skin on it. The pigs in the next room did not seem to have the same
effect on me. I wonder if that is because I don’t go on long walks and play in the park with a pig, hope I don’t have nightmares.

It was a bit hard after that but as a professional Photographer I have seen many sad and bad things in my time you just got
to close your eyes and CLICK it’s all about the picture,needless to say I wont be posting pictures.

14 Nov

Pinner Photography New Studio

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Pinner Photography New Studio is a fully equipped working studio it has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere,
We do Portraits, Models and product shots at the Studio. There is also ample parking available the studio is also Wheelchair accessible.
As a photographer I like to make all my clients feel right at home, when we spend time in the studio together.
Whether you are a professional model or it is your first time in-front of a camera,
it is my wish that you should feel relaxed and comfortable with the surroundings.