Hi Guys sorry for the quiet spell. I have had a very busy two weeks.
I have been working on a commercial shoot for an engineering company,
they are updating their web-site and having a new brochure produced.
I had the MD driving me around some of the sites they have worked on
and are still working on.

I found it very interesting looking at all the different types of projects
they are working on, many of the projects have used something like 200 tons of steel,
Very impressive to see. The buildings in and around London are amazing to see ,
it was also the first time I had visited Ascot race track.

The MD also took me on a tour of their workshop
and showed me the machines used to work on these
very large steels, they run the machines 24/7 360 days wow!
The head office of this company are also very impressive
with a beautiful feature staircase made of highly polished steel and glass.

I am just catching up with the back log of Studio portrait sessions,
so it is head down for me for the next week or so.
Hope all is good in your world, wherever that maybe.


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