10 Nov

Cake Trash

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Birthday Cake Trash

Cake trashing

Baby Trashing The Cake

This an idea that started in the USA and Canada

take your baby to a photography studio for their first birthday
Add a cake to the mix and get some wonderful photos of the baby
Having a great time trashing the cake to pieces.

As the Photographer it is your job to get all the wonderful photos of
The baby having so much fun and making a mess of the studio
But be warned the baby will get pretty messed up in the photo session
So change of clothes and some towels are a great idea.
I must admit the results never fail to make me laugh and realise
Just how much fun you can have at the Pinner Photographic Studio.

If you would like to book your baby’s special first birthday
With their own trash the cake, with lots of fun


17 Oct


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I had the pleasure of attend a launch party for the new LEXUS NX range
the party was held at their Twickenham branch, very close to the Twickenham Rugby stadium
home of English Rugby

I must say the place was buzzing with excitement by the time it came to the unveiling
and it looked like it was worth the wait very stunning cars
LEXUS had also laid on a fashion show with the help of Harvey Nichols

The champagne and canapés were flowing all night long hats off to

David Eagell and his team for a very successful event

Also a big thank you to Liana Ransom

08 Oct


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It was a baby boy as I had predicted when we had the photo shoot
at my Studio in Pinner

This is the second time I have made a prediction on the sex of a BABY
of a client that has come to the Studio
for their pre birth photographs. That is a 100% record, hope I can keep it up.

I am always so excited when I meet new young couples just about to start
their family lives as I can relate exactly what it ment to myself and my wife
A baby is such a special gift and deserves all the love a parent can give to it.

I cant wait for them to come back to the Studio when the baby is a few weeks
old so we can do some Photos of the little guy.

How exciting his first Photo shoot
we will have so much fun in the STUDIO
Pinner Photography

02 Oct


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Waiting for the birth

Today I had the pleasure to meet and photograph this wonderful young couple
at the Pinner Photography Studio
as they wait the arrival of their first child. I was so surprised to find out
the baby is due tomorrow! This is defiantly the closest to the birth of a
new life I have had the privilege to photograph.

Once the baby is born, as the photographer I can’t wait, I am so excited for them both.

This is a beautiful time in your life that you will never forget. The birth of your child is something that changes you indefinitely.

Been there myself a few years ago, I was just as excited then when I had my own children.

Their lives will never be the same again a new very precious life to nurture
I will see them again when baby is 7 days old for another Photo shoot

I only have to wait ONE day to find out (BOY or GIRL)
I said a BOY

Pregant mom at the studio of Pinner Photography

Post it

Baby shoes at the Pinner Photography Studio

Tiny feet

Happy couple at the Studio of Pinner Photography

True Love

OJ4A4787 OJ4A4787C-B_W OJ4A4788 OJ4A4835 OJ4A4846 OJ4A4916 OJ4A4962

23 Sep


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Had a very interesting meet with the owner and founder of Doodledo
a local small business in Northwood selling some very funky clothing for kids
Celsa and her staff have the right idea, The work place can and should be a HAPPY place
Look forward to working with them again in the near future

Feel free to check out her website for some cool cloths for the kids


OJ4A3635 OJ4A3646 OJ4A3647 OJ4A3655 OJ4A3667 OJ4A3669


05 Sep


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Whilst going through older photos stored on my server hard drive
trying to delete lodes I came across this set I had taken at a event.
I had photographed a while ago, and for some reason I could not
bring myself to delete them.

Maybe it’s the eyes, maybe it’s the dress or maybe the lips
Whatever it is my finger just seemed to hover over the DELETE and
would not slam down.

SO I guess this means I am holding on to them?????????????

What do you think???

Black & White Lady in blue That Look The eyes Very Elegant

19 Aug

Great Photo Shoot

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A fellow photographer came to visit my studio, although we had known
each other for the last 17 years this is the first time we had a photo shoot
together, and I must say we had a wonderful time and bounced some great ideas
between each other, and made some beautiful photos.

I must also say a big thank you to the models they were super and nothing
was to much for them, The transitions were seamless. A big thank you to

Ryan, Siobhan and Hayden
and of course Steve Brown of Blue Feather Photography of St Albans

 enjoy looking at the sample of photos from the Shoot
Please Let me know your thoughts!!!

OJ4A2651 OJ4A2657 OJ4A2657B-W OJ4A2701Crop OJ4A2719 OJ4A2719B-W OJ4A2781B-W OJ4A2785 OJ4A2828F OJ4A2835 OJ4A2837 OJ4A2837B-W OJ4A2844 OJ4A2855F OJ4A2867 OJ4A2867BW OJ4A2875 OJ4A2875B-W OJ4A2879 OJ4A2883 OJ4A2910 OJ4A2913 OJ4A2917 OJ4A2919 OJ4A2923 OJ4A2939 OJ4A2945 OJ4A2951 OJ4A2953 OJ4A2962 OJ4A2981 OJ4A2984 OJ4A3012 OJ4A3020 OJ4A3026 OJ4A3026B-W OJ4A3038 OJ4A3045 OJ4A3049

15 Aug

My Daughter saves neighbour’s from FIRE

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This morning about 6.45 my daughter got the neighbours from their burning house
and brought them to safety to our house. She also had to awaken the old lady
next door to the house on fire,
she had problems alerting the old lady who is in her ninety’s and lives alone.
After repeatedly banging on her door and getting no response
she was prepared to force the door.
The lady appeared at the window.
It was then that the neighbour next to the old lady
said she had a key safe and she had the number,
so together they got the old lady to safety.


After my daughter had called 999 five fire engines turned up to fight the fire IMG_0887 IMG_0888 IMG_0889 IMG_0890 IMG_0895 IMG_0896 IMG_0898 IMG_0903 IMG_0908
the road had to be blocked off at both ends.

Now the hardest bit to believe is I and the neighbour who took these pictures
slept through the hole incident, and only woke after all the hard work had been done.

I am so proud of my daughter

“What a girl”

20 Jul

Photography Tips

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Photography Tips

Question: What do you do once you have captured that masterpiece of a photo
Do not hide it away from view, it was certainly not meant to be hidden away.

Answer: No you want it to be seen by many and not just a few chosen ones.

Question: If you store it on your hard-drive, phone, or tablet will it be seen.

Answer: Maybe by a few people you show it to before you forget all about it.

If you love what you do and it makes you Proud

Show it off

Share it with others

OJ4A2439 OJ4A2441 OJ4A2443 OJ4A2445 OJ4A2447 OJ4A2448 OJ4A2449 OJ4A2457 OJ4A2458 OJ4A2459 OJ4A2461 OJ4A2463 OJ4A2464 OJ4A2465 OJ4A2466 OJ4A2468 OJ4A2469 OJ4A2472 Untitled-1 OJ4A2456


18 Jul

White Wedding

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It certainly was a great day for a white wedding
A great day was had by all
I wish the Bride & Groom a wonderful life together

Enjoy a few pictures from the day

Eyes OJ4A0276F OJ4A0280F OJ4A0288F OJ4A0295F OJ4A0300Fe-mail OJ4A0326F OJ4A0327Fe-mail OJ4A0773Fe-mail The Dress-e-mail 3056bw 3116 3212 3222 3267FV 3428F 3620F-bw-c IMG_3151 IMG_3500F-bw-eyes 3089 OJ4A0683F OJ4A0709F OJ4A0726F OJ4A0733F OJ4A0800F OJ4A0814ADJ OJ4A0897