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18 Nov


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Sad news to here of the untimely passing of a great man
whom I did admire. Not only a great sports man
but more important he was a great human being.

I have written a small tribute to him. He will be missed from this life.

He did so much good in his short life time

Jonah Lomu

17 Nov


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It is such a shame when mankind can not learn from all it’s
mistakes and it’s troubled past. We are not just destroying each other
but also the planet we are so fortunate enough to call home.

Mankind STOP take a good look at yourself every human has it’s own cross to bare
you should never judge another human till you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Stop the KILLING and spread more of this. Click on the link below


04 Nov

Granddaughters Christening

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Granddaughters Christening

What a wonderful day we had on Sunday for my beautiful granddaughter’s christening
it was a most fantastic time and every one who attended had a fabulous day.

The marquee was a great success and well worth buying. We had so many people in attendance
we filled one side of the church by ourselves. Sienna was certainly a super star.

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