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29 Mar


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Thursday just gone was a different and wonderful day,
I took a three hour and fifty minute cab journey into the The city for a fifteen
minute recording with one of the chief executives at BT headquarters at city wall

We managed to record the whole interview in just two takes I must say
I was very impressed with the speaking ability’s of this man so precise and clear
well done to him in and out in fifteen minutes this has got to be a record.

The cab driver was also an interesting guy and we chatted about so many
different subjects that it made the journey seem like thirty minutes.

some times it is good to get out of the studio but I don’t think I would enjoy having to
drive into the city myself it mad.

17 Mar

St Patrick’s Day

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St Patrick’s Day

A very happy St Patrick’s Day to one and all where ever you find
yourself on this bright day may you have a great time

I was going to give myself the day off then along came this very important
and cant wait job. O well a man must do what a man must do.

A wise old Irish man once said
May today be all you wish for
and tomorrow be a surprise.

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