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18 Jun


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I was walking my dog yesterday evening in the local park
when I seen this wonderful sight

Giving something back to the residences and tax payers of the borough
what a fantastic idea just like they have been doing in other countries
for many years. I do hope the people of Harrow will appreciate and respect
this lovely new equipment, then everyone can get use from it for many years

Which is your favorite photo ???????????

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10 Jun

CANCER Don’t give in!!

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CANCER Don’t give in!!

It is a hard road we all find ourself s on at one time in our lives
It is not important the name of this road
But the way in witch we decide to travel it

And just because you can not see the end of the road
We must never be frightened to travel it
If you never go to the end you can never know what is there

are some more words that helped us on the rough road

Day of Days

04 Jun

9 Years FREE Cancer!!!

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9 Years FREE Cancer!!!

My beautiful wife has been free of cancer now for Nine years.
She fought hard for her life and family. Very brave woman
and we are so proud of her, life is so precious we must all cherish it.

I can still remember how it felt to hear that WORD

That Word-web