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27 Feb

Studio Lighting

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Studio Lighting

Tried out some different lighting set-ups for this shoot we had
a very interesting session got such a lot done in a short time

This guy was very quick with a wicked sense of humour we certainly
had a lot of crack (FUN) and the day just flew by the wardrobe lady also
had us in stitches I love a photo shoot full of fun makes it worth while


_MG_5106F _MG_5108F_BW _MG_5119F _MG_5123F _MG_5125F _MG_5133F _MG_5133F_BW _MG_5140F _MG_5143F _MG_5144F _MG_5146F _MG_5149 _MG_5151F _MG_5153F

21 Feb


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We had such fun in the studio today this cute boy and myself
he was such a star and he made me laugh so much my sides were hurting

This guy certainly does like to be in the lime light and that shows
in his pictures, he also brought his friend Mr Bear brown Bear to you and I.

Only four years old and he is telling me how to do my job
he is going to end up in No 10 some day if he keeps that up.
All the same great shoot lodes of FUN
thank you young man.

What do you think of the next Prime Minister


OJ4A2760 OJ4A2765 OJ4A2768 OJ4A2781B_W OJ4A2782 Sean in B_W Sean splash of colour2

10 Feb


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Had a fabulous photo shoot with a very good looking young model
This is one to watch for the future I predict he will go far.
He was such a natural in front of the camera, a pleasure to work with.

Had the most piercing BLUE eyes, look great in the shots apart from his
big grin the eyes are the first thing you will notice.
I would not be surprised to see him on the cover
of a major magazine SOON.

YOUNG MODEL OJ4A2521F OJ4A2521Fb-d OJ4A2523 OJ4A2535Fb-wcrop OJ4A2541 OJ4A2563F OJ4A2576F OJ4A2583F OJ4A2605F OJ4A2637F OJ4A2655F OJ4A2664F