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27 Jan

Fantastic Night (FireWalk)

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Fantastic Night (FireWalk)

Wow what a fantastic night I just had Photographing the

Rabbi Burns Firewalk

I met some fabulous people at this wonderful CHARITY event
Two of the most humble people I have met in such a long time
were Ethne Woldman and Colin Black for The Targu Mures Trust
This world could do with a lot more loving and warm people just
like them. It was a real privilege to meet them and all the others
who were also there to support their family and friends as they took
to the red hot ashes. Hats off to them all
Well Done

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26 Jan

Charity Firewalk Tonight

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Rabbie Burns Firewalk

I will be the photographer of choice tonight for the firewalk
NO I say No I will not be walking myself but hats off to all the
brave people taking part. You can find a list of the Breavhearts
taking part in the long walk by clicking on the title above.

I do hope the weather cleans it’s act up a bit for the
Charity Firewalk tonight at Hartsbourne Golf Club

Hartsbourne Avenue, Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire WD23 1JW
Sunday 26th January 2014, 17.00 – 20.00

21 Jan

Life Coach

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A Life Coach

Had a very interesting client in the studio today.
A Life Coach, wow I said soon people will need a
coach to tell them how to breath air.
Well that comment did not go down well.
Mind you she did not need much coaching as to how
she should pose for her pictures, and she did not try
coaching me as to how I should live my life.
Last summer whilest I was at a photographers simenar
I also meet a life coach and she did try telling me how I could
improve my life. That was a quick exit stage left.


Have you ever used a life coach?????

12 Jan


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To all of you who took part in the vote to help
pick a brand new logo for the Pinner Photography
website. Hope you will all enjoy the new look for 2014

The LOGO chosen by 98% of voters was A


The WINNER of the prize was Dedrick well done to him

07 Jan

Valentine Offer

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It is getting near that day shared all over the world.

Valentines Day, a time to show the special person in your life
just how special they are to you. Give them the kind of GIFT
only somebody who cares would give.
Let Pinner Photography help you with the perfect GIFT

Valentine Offer

It’s Here Now

Check it out
show your love how much they mean to you.


07 Jan

Ruislip Tyres

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Went to Ruislip tyres today to get 4 new tyres for the car.
Great place very helpful staff and the prices were extremely good,
as a matter of fact they were £100 cheaper for the same tyres quoited to me
at another tyre place, a well known one at that.

Very happy with the service, I will definitely be using them again for my wife and
daughters cars. Nice to find a local business with Good service and Great Prices.

If you want to check them out go to

Range Rover