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27 Nov

Christmas Family Fun Day

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Hay Guys I will be attending and photographing the FREE open day at the Hillingdon leisure centre Uxbridge.
On Sunday the 8th December. They will be doing Face painting for the kids, and maybe the adults too,
There will also be a Santa Grotto and lots lots more. So bring the kids for a day full of FUN.

It is the perfect chance for you to have your photo taken with the kids. I will be having a FREE prize draw
you could win some fantastic prizes
Check out the link for details.

And have a wonderful Christmas holiday From Pinner Photography


24 Nov

Studio Vouchers

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A portrait voucher is a wonderful gift to give to somebody special and let them know how special they are to you. Vouchers can be purchased in various values to suite anybody’s budget.
Imagen a full hour in a photographic studio with a photographer making you feel very special and beautiful ” WOW ”
You could even treat yourself and feel special. You will love the results.


19 Nov

Shepherds Autopsy

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Today and yesterday I spent at the Royal Veterinary Clinic and I accidentally caught sight of a German Shepherds Autopsy
I don’t mind admitting I wish I had not seen it, after having two Shepherds of my own and at present a beautiful Boxer.

It was explained that these procedures are necessary to help with the treatment of other animals. YES but it is still hard
to take in, the sight of one of these dogs with no skin on it. The pigs in the next room did not seem to have the same
effect on me. I wonder if that is because I don’t go on long walks and play in the park with a pig, hope I don’t have nightmares.

It was a bit hard after that but as a professional Photographer I have seen many sad and bad things in my time you just got
to close your eyes and CLICK it’s all about the picture,needless to say I wont be posting pictures.

14 Nov

Christmas Portrait Special Offer

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Well it is almost here again only 40 days to Christmas it feels like the times between is getting shorter, with every passing Christmas.
Then their is always the problem. “What can I get for a present”. Well do not worry because at Pinner Photography you will find the
perfect answer to that question. We sell Photographic Vouchers ranging from just £45 up to what ever you would like to spend.
So show somebody how much you care and give them a special GIFT. A Portrait for the family, grandparents new born, child or pet
let the Photographer at Pinner Photography take the worries out of Christmas for you.

Pinner Photography would like to wish all the clients past present and future. A very Merry Christmas and wonderful NEW YEAR
John the photographer

Christmas Promo

14 Nov

Pinner Photography New Studio

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Pinner Photography New Studio is a fully equipped working studio it has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere,
We do Portraits, Models and product shots at the Studio. There is also ample parking available the studio is also Wheelchair accessible.
As a photographer I like to make all my clients feel right at home, when we spend time in the studio together.
Whether you are a professional model or it is your first time in-front of a camera,
it is my wish that you should feel relaxed and comfortable with the surroundings.

12 Nov


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Went along to the Photovison roadshow today in London, it was a good day.
I had a very interesting chat to Mark Cleghorn amongst others.
Lots of new products coming to the market. Some times I do wonder
if it is enough to be a photographer, or do you also have to be a salesman.

I must admit I don’t like to try to sell something to clients, they may not want.
I prefer them to only buy my images if they think they are good enough. If you
can try to exceed your clients expectation then I think you will please them,
and they will feel you have gone that extra bit for them.
After all it is nice to be made to feel special, as this is how I like to make all my

07 Nov

Editing Pictures

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Early shoot in the studio this morning, went well lots of good shots, lots of new lighting techniques
I have spent most of the day in front of the computer with the dog by my side editing and tweaking them,
I do value his opinion he is such a great help. Very happy with the results. I will try to post them at a later stage

Bruno resting2894

06 Nov

Very Touching

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This is such a special picture,
It says to me no matter who you are or what lifes cards you are dealt.
One thing is the same for all living BEINGS.

We all need somthing to Love and Cherish.

What does this picture say to you???


04 Nov

Good Insurance

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This is why it is important to have great Insurance
You never know what is around the corner, or in his case
“BEHIND YOU” Let’s be careful out there

03 Nov

Pinner Baby Studio Shoot

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Had such a wonderful photo session with this cute baby boy
at the Pinner Photography studio in Pinner.
He was so great to work with very calm full of smiles just like his parents.
Jak you are a little “Star” He is every Photographers dream.
This is part of the reason I became a PHOTOGRAPHER.